我最喜欢的食物是水果和蔬菜英文 my favourite food are fruits and vegetables 希望可以帮到你

My favourite food is vegetable and friut. The food which I like best is vegetable and friut.

1.水果和蔬菜 1. The fruits and vegetables 2.我最喜爱的食物和饮料 2. My favorite food and drinks 3.最喜欢西红柿 3. The most like tomatoes 4.举行生日晚会 4. Held a birthday party 5.各种各样的鱼 5. All kinds of fish 6.不喜欢鱼 6. ...

my favorite food Food is necessary in our life . I like many different kinds of food.Let me tell you a little about my favorites.My favorite vegetable is potato .I don't like carrots.Apples are my favorite fruit. They are sweet...

I love fruits and vegetable, so I eat healthy food. How many movies have you watched so far? The Great Wall was built more than two thousand years ago. As summer arrives, the weather is getting hotter and hotter.

my favourite food is fish.chicken.vegetables and so on.

翻译一个初中水平的:i am health.i usually choose fruits and vegetables.i don't like coffe,but i like eatting fast food

建议你多少还是吃点蔬菜和水果,里面的维生素和其他微量元素是其他无法代替的。哪怕喝点果汁都好 吃汤臣倍健的果蔬纤维补充下膳食纤维,另外吃清好清畅这样吃2到3天可以看到效果,2个月左右可以基本调理好身体,之后改善饮食结构即可痊愈。 推荐...

I have good habits and bad habits, good habits every day I get up on time on time of exercise. My bad habits like eating junk food doesn't like eating fruits and vegetables this bad habit

自我介绍 一分钟个性自我介绍 我是来自山东的xxx,大家所看到 的我的内在就像我的外表一样,敦厚 和实在是我对自己最好的概括。我不 飘,不浮,不躁,不懒。我内心充实 ,物质享乐和精神刺激都不是我的嗜 好。我待人诚实,从没有花言巧语, 但真...

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